“Fare from Hame”


Scottish cooking & meal

November 12

The Scottish Cooking Demonstration and Meal last year was so popular that we’ve scheduled another with a different menu. “Fare from Hame” will treat us to a hearty Scottish Saturday night supper on Saturday, Nov. 12 at 5:30 p.m. Reservations are $10 per person.

The location is again Calvary Episcopal Church at 45-435 Aumoku St., Kaneohe. The church, at the corner of Aumoku St. and Kaneohe Bay Drive, is almost directly across from the McDonald’s in the Windward City Shopping Center, not far from Castle High School. Park on the Aumoku St. side of the church or around the corner at the back.

After our chefs demonstrate their chosen recipes, we will adjourn to small tables to enjoy a meal of the same foods we saw being made. The exact recipes are not yet being announced, but here are some ingredients you might expect in a Scottish meal: leeks, bacon, beef, onions, parsnips, oatmeal, carrots, cream and something sweet. Does anyone know what “hodgils” are?

Two of the cooks we watched last year, Jim Redmond and Bruce McEwan, have pulled new recipes from their well-used Scottish cookbooks. They will be followed at the cooking table by the multi-talented Jackie Phillips.

In addition this year we are happy to welcome member Wendy Sherman from Kauai, who is a maker of mead, the old honey-based, fermented brew, mentioned in medieval and ancient literature. She will show us how mead is made and will bring tasting samples of this exotic drink. Non-alcoholic drinks will also be available.

Reservations are required. (Some have already been received!) Mail your check, made out to The Caledonian Society for $10 per person, to P. O. Box 4164, Honolulu, HI 96812-4164. Reservations should be received by Wed, Nov. 9. Questions? Phone or e-mail Lillian Cunningham, 538-7707 or lillianc@hawaii.edu

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