GREAT SCOT!  David Douglas:  History & Mystery in Hawaii


Not to be missed!  On Saturday,  October 18th, the Society will co-sponsor a rare event with the Mission Houses Museum  in  downtown   Honolulu   to  portray   and  learn about   David    Douglas,    a    famous    historical    Scottish naturalist  (1799-1834)  who died mysteriously  in Hawaii. Was he murdered?   If so, by whom and why? The mystery remains.

This  event,  a  variation  on  the  Mission  Houses'  popular Pupu Theatre, begins at 4:30 pm with the free, public showing in the Mission Memorial Auditorium of a recently completed film, "Finding David Douglas."  The film maker, Gordon  Mason,  whose  home  is  in  England,  will  also  talk about the film in person.

 After the film, the rest of the event requires  reservations and a ticket, expected  to cost $40 per person, to defray the  expenses  of  creating  this  experience.  Paid  attendees will be divided into three groups and move back to the Mission Houses and Kawaiahao Churchyard where we will visit  three  stations.    At  one  an  actor  will  portray  David Douglas  himself.  At  another  station  we  will  learn  about

19th century autopsies and at the third about botanical discoveries,  the  study  that  made  Douglas  famous.  Finally the  evening   will  end  with  heavy   pupu  at  the  Mission Houses  and  a  general  discussion   with  the  people  who made the previous presentations.

Only 75 tickets will be available for this amazing evening, and they will be offered soon. Reservations must be made and paid for directly from the Mission Houses, online from their website, or by phone 808-447-3910.  Please be sure to identify yourself as a Caledonian Society member. We will try to provide further information by email as soon as reservations can be purchased.

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