September 27, 2014   5:00 pm

Calvary Expiscopal Church

45-435 Aumoku St, Kaneohe

So, say you are in Scotland and need a hearty, reasonably priced meal and something to drink. Where do you go? Well, a pub, of course! Three of our Caledonian cooks have a plan to emulate a pub meal for the rest of us on Saturday, September 27, at 5 pm at Calvary Episcopal Church, conveniently located near Windward Ciry Shopping Center in Kaneohe.


Bruce McEwan, Susan Mac Kinnon, and Ching Duncan will each demonstrate how to make a dish that might be served in a Scottish pub. At the end of the demonstrations their meal will be served up for all of us. We hope to have a supply of Scotch ale to help wash down the food.


Our cooks need to know in advance how many people to prepare for, so please phone Jeannie Ferrier at [not available] to reserve your spot. The meal price of $12, payable at the door, will include one beer. This pub is family friendly, so a youth price (age 5-17), including non-alcoholic drinks, is $8.

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