“Scotland: Land of Castles” Event

The next Caledonian Society event, “Scotland, Land of Castles,” will be Saturday, September 13 from 2 to 4 p.m in Presidents’ Hall, a beautifully designed, award-winning meeting room attached to the headquarters of The Aloha Council of the Boy Scouts of America at 42 Puiwa Road, behind Queen Emma Summer Palace.


RESERVATIONS AND TEACUPS: This meeting is free and will include tea and scones, as befits an afternoon event. Just for fun, bring your own teacup to sip from.

Disposable cups will be available, but it would be more fun to admire each other’s personal china cups while we have tea. Space in the hall is limited, so reservations are required no later than Wed, Sept 10. To reserve a space, phone Lillian Cunningham (538-7707) or e-mail lillianc@hawaii.edu with your name and the names of your guests.

THE PROGRAM:  We will do one of the Chieftain’s get-acquainted activities and hear some updates, especially on The Falls of Clyde situation. The program itself will begin with an Introduction to Scottish Castles, accompanied by pictures and maps.  Then we will meet some “Castle People,” members who will speak for a few minutes in the voice of someone associated with a particular castle at a particular time in history. We can expect to hear from a laird, a maid, a hostess, a lady’s companion and tapestry maker, some military men and several others, each of whom will introduce us to one castle from his or her assumed point of view. Meeting these historical/fictional folks should be the next best thing to time travel! Or to having a personal guided tour of a Scottish castle.

THE LOCATION: Puiwa Road is off Pali Highway and follows the mauka side of Nuuanu Valley Park behind Queen Emma Summer Palace. Puiwa Road is opposite Country Club Road, the route to Oahu Country Club.  Presidents’ Hall is in front of the Boy Scout Headquarters building, attached to it by a covered walkway. You may drive between the buildings to drop people off near the door (no stairs), but we are asked not to park in stalls in the Boy Scout area because the offices and shop of the headquarters are open on Saturday and need all the parking spaces.

DIFFICULT PARKING: Parking space is available in the park, directly across Puiwa Road from Presidents’ Hall, but there we share with park users. Alternatively street parking may be located further into the valley, perhaps on Park Street. If you possibly can, please share rides, or have someone drop you off.  Please do limit the number of cars arriving and parking for our event.

BUS STOPS:  Buses from downtown Honolulu and from the Windward side stop at convenient places along Pali Highway within walking distance of Presidents’ Hall.

E-MAIL REMINDER:  Someone from the Council will send out e-mail reminders about the Castle event in early September to everyone whose e-mail address we have.  If you don’t get this reminder but would like to be on our e-mail list for occasional fast communication, please check that our secretary, Susan MacKinnon, <susanmack@myhokua.com> has your correct address.

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