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The Scot of the Year

Since 1988, The Caledonian Society has presented an annual Scot of the Year award at the Burns Dinner. We recognize a person of Scottish descent in Hawaii, who has made contributions to the community and Society.

The Selection Committee reviews nominations for Scot of the Year based on the following criteria:

  • nominees need not be Scots, but must be strongly Scots at heart;
  • they should have made significant contributions to the community where they reside in Hawaii;
  • they should have made recognized contributions to the Scottish Community in Hawaii;
  • they should show pride in their Scottish heritage; and/or
  • they should have made significant contributions to the Caledonian Society of Hawaii.

Past Awardees

2024 Kevin Campbell Bogan
2023 Brian Richardson
2022 Tina Yap
2021 Tory Laitila
2020 Dan Quinn
2019 Jeannie Ferrier
2018 Dr. Nancy Smiley
2017 Rev. Robert E. Walden
2016 Stuart Donachie
2015 Elspeth Kerr
2014 Jackie and Larry Phillips
2013 David Walker
2012 Susan MacKinnon
2011 Ian Laing, Dan & Mary Peddie
2010 Hamish Burgess
2009 Doug Herring, Hardy Spoehr, and Harold McKeen
2008 Donald P. McDiarmid, Jr
2007 Donald Munro
2006 Neil Abercrombie
2005 Bruce McEwan
2004 Heather MacGregor
2003 Helen & Bill Wynn
2002 Rhoda Hackler
2001 Dick Scott Clack
2000 Lillian Cunningham
1999 Kalani Brady
1998 Alexander Pratt
1997 Marguerite Roach
1996 Terence Knapp
1995 Alison Kay
1994 Lawrence Coleman
1993 John D. & Frances Holt
1992 Alex Anderson
1991 Roderick McPhee
1990 Douglas Gibb
1989 Ramsay
1988 Donald MacGregor



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